Say hello to our new Interactive Experience VP.

It's now official, Remy Leclerc has joined the Alfred team. Former Interactive Marketing and Communications Director at Toon Boom Animation (and prior to that of AtomikWave) he also contributed to the development of Cesart as strategic planner before the company was bought by Bell. He led business strategy teams on major projects such as, the l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

"The idea of joining a management team that gives equal importance to the quality of creation and strategic thinking is very exciting to me. We share the same vision that the communication strategy of a brand should be integrated across all channels" says Rémy Leclerc. "Consumers do not live in isolation which means that communication strategies and marketing can’t be developed as separate entities.”

Jean-François Bernier, president and founder of Alfred says of the arrival of Rémy Leclerc as Interactive Experience VP, "Remy has a genuinely impressive profile. He is a marketing strategist a lot of very solid experience, especially with Bell Web (formerly Cesart), where he was head of the consulting services and web strategy department. I was impressed by the quality of his vision. He is someone who addresses brands as a whole and believes in the power of big ideas.

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