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Alfred unveils its first Pan-Canadian campaign for iÖGO. A new creative platform that explores the 1001 quirks of daily life, and this, with just the two little dots. The recipe is simple: A giant and omnipresent product, an animated logo, a minimum of background elements and a modular signature. “In advertising our role is generally to pump up the product”, says Jean-Francois Bernier, Alfred founder and Creative Director. “Here, it’s the total opposite. We play with the imagination: everyone has their own story, and can recognize themselves in it. The product is at the centre of the message, from beginning until the end. It is the engine that drives our scenarios. Even our characters come from the logo!” The campaign will be deployed on television, print and on the web.

iogo sequence en
iogo sequence en
iogo sequence fr
iögo sequence FR

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