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“Alfred is an A+ when it comes to creativity, and that’s common knowledge. What people may not know as much is the team’s remarkable understanding and attentive listening. When I present them with a challenge, I know they will swiftly come back with highly effective solutions. They are agile to another level. ”

Alain Gravel
Marketing Director Trévi

“With Alfred, it’s clear we share the same goal: results! We feel confident and well-supported, knowing we’ll emerge a winner every time! They are simply the best!”

Jean-François Gargya
Chief Executive CarrXpert

“f you now know what nail fungus is, it’s all thanks to them. They know how to create campaigns that everyone remembers! Priceless!”

Josée Klus
Senior Product Manager Bausch Health

“Alfred is a strong and experienced team that has been around the block for a long time, and it shows. Openness is at the heart of our conversations, and that’s crucial! No ego battles – we’re all here to create the best campaign possible! I can confirm that Alfred is the perfect agency for challenger brands!”

Dominic Lessard
Director of Marketing and Digital Performance; Marketing and Customer Experience Industrielle Alliance, Auto and Home Insurance inc.