Client: Opto-Réseau
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“While competitors focus mainly on looks or promotions, our main focus lies in the high quality of the overall experience: the team’s expertise, equipment, frames, services and, above all, human contact.”

Marie-Hélène Choquette Zaurrini
Marketing Director

Campaign for the Quebec French market only

In this first campaign crafted by Alfred to increase spontaneous awareness, familiar visual codes of the fashion industry highlight the importance of choosing the right eye-care professional.

Poésie - 0:15

A down-to-earth parody

The campaign focuses on eye health, playfully mocking clichés without undermining the equally significant role of style. A shift in tone midway through the message highlights the importance of consulting a specialist. This unexpected creative approach cleverly underlines the promise of quality for which Opto-Réseau is well-known.

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Opto-Réseau Tablette