Toenail fungus: Making a disease popular

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Generating interest in a repulsive health issue

Encouraging people to consult their doctor for a non-life-threatening condition posed a real challenge. However, toenail fungus is aesthetically repugnant; in fact, that is the main reason for consultation. Highlighting this characteristic became the strategy of the campaign we know today: making toenail fungus interesting because it’s gross and contagious and, therefore, shameful.

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Radio - I have it
Radio - What are you waiting for

It’s on everyone’s lips

Five years later, toenail fungus is well-known among Canadians, and it has even become part of popular culture, coming up in many conversations. It was often mentioned on TV, radio and in print media.

“The campaign strikes the right tone that keeps people talking about it even when they don’t want to hear about it anymore. ‘Oh no! Not toenail fungus again, it’s everywhere!’ But deep down, everyone is eager to see the next TV spot.”

Crossing the border

In 2020, given its remarkable success in Canada, the campaign was extended to the United States market, where it reached similar levels of achievement.

A new addition to the campaign

With the campaigns generating a significant number of organic searches on the web, Bausch Health asked us to optimize the conversion rate on their website. A new site was launched with the same objective: encouraging visits to the doctor to obtain a prescription.