The importance of choosing who repairs your vehicle

Client: CarrXpert
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Campaign for the Quebec French market only

“Cars are not what they used to be. Some people still think that cars are just metal, but today, it’s high technology. We wanted to change this perception so that owners understand the importance of choosing who repairs their vehicle.”

Jean-François Gargya
Marketing Director CarrXpert

Despite CarrXpert being the most recognized network by Quebec automakers and dealers, it wasn’t always chosen after an accident.

One name to remember

To make headway in the market, it was imperative to strengthen top-of-mind awareness, encouraging owners to demand CarrXpert for their vehicle’s repair. Once this had been solidly established, we were to highlight the brand’s technological expertise and exceptional quality of work to further solidify the primary goal: persuading people to always request CarrXpert.

A positioning that stands out

We placed the brand at the heart of the message, one of the most effective ways to build and increase spontaneous recognition. Shortly after, we added a tagline that reflects the constant technological evolution of the automotive industry—reminding people that a repair goes far beyond the body. CarrXpert positioned itself as the specialist in the field, an expert surpassing standards through modern and advanced techniques that cater to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles.

2021 campaign
2018 campaign

Impressive results

After one broadcast cycle, a substantial increase in brand awareness, choice intentions and business volume was noted, demonstrating the relevance and effectiveness of the campaign.