Ensuring brand continuity in a new context

Client: Logisco
Cuisine - 0:15
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Campaign for the Quebec French market only


This second campaign unfolded in a very different context from the first, which was launched before the pandemic. With now almost all housing units rented, positioning Logisco (page in French only) as the destination for finding accommodation was not an option anymore. However, the brand needed to remain present in the market and in the minds of future tenants, whether residential or commercial.

Well-being is a priority

In continuity with the previous campaign, these new scenes portray how living spaces significantly contribute to the tenants’ quality of life—an indispensable consideration for Logisco. The three messages are punctuated with various amusing situations and conclude with a tagline that translates as “We feel good here.”

Chambre - 0:15
Salon - 0:15
Vertical versions - 3 x 0:06
Radio - Gastro
Radio - Bébé

A versatile signature

In addition to the housing shortage, there is also the labour shortage. To facilitate employee acquisition tactics, the campaign was developed considering the needs of the employer brand. The result: messages with a tagline that resonates with different targets simultaneously.