A message centred on the brand name

Client: iA Auto and Home Insurance
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Campaign for the Quebec French market only

“P&C insurance is one of the most aggressive advertising categories, as market share is closely linked to brand awareness. To succeed, you have to stand out and be remembered.”

Geneviève Boutin
Senior Director of Marketing, Customer Experience and Digital, iA Auto and Home

Policyholders have the opportunity to explore new options at each annual policy renewal, creating an environment where insurers must constantly distinguish themselves to attract and retain customers. This is why iA called on our expertise to increase its spontaneous brand awareness in Quebec’s French-speaking market, while effectively ensuring its brand transition.

Increase top-of-mind awareness

The Canadian home and auto insurance market is defined by high volatility, a profusion of similar offers in a saturated market and a predominance of important players. Additionally, the consolidation of major insurers, the arrival of smaller, more agile players, free online comparators and the ease of purchasing insurance products with just a few clicks have all had an impact. Achieving a top-tier status in the industry is key to encouraging potential customers to seek a quote.

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Repeat, repeat, repeat = remember

With more than 130 years on the market, the Industrial Alliance brand was well established and had a solid track record in insurance and financial services. However, seven years after their name change, people still didn’t associate iA with auto and home insurance.

With a clever play on words that manipulates sounds, the brand became ubiquitous in all messages. A simple yet effective idea that maximizes attribution and awareness, while positioning the insurer as the obvious choice.

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Versions adapted for social platforms

These messages presenting epic fails were created using content sourced from social media. This creative approach, embracing current trends and platform norms, promotes greater engagement and visibility.

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A successful association

After one campaign cycle, significant results have been observed. Spontaneous brand awareness increased considerably compared to the previous year. Furthermore, among the target audience, the appreciation level is greater than usual and the comprehension score doubled. These results signify that individuals have understood iA’s commitment to assisting them in times of accidents or disasters.