Be the #1 online apartment search destination

Client: Logisco
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Campaign for the Quebec French market only

“Logisco has the largest inventory of rental properties in the Quebec City area. We needed a memorable campaign to establish ourselves as the primary online destination for searching and, more importantly, finding housing.”

André Marcoux
Marketing and Innovation Director Logisco

As the leading player in the National Capital Region, Logisco is a well-established and reputable construction and rental property management company with over 7,000 high-quality residential units. Before the pandemic, when the housing crisis had not yet reached the levels we see today, the Logisco team approached us to boost traffic to their apartment rental website.

The first choice when looking for apartments

Today, people are trading newspapers for online platforms. Although the offer is easily accessible, it is fragmented, making searches less efficient. In this context, Logisco wanted to be the destination of choice for people looking for an apartment.

The creative strategy was built on an undeniable fact: Logisco has the most doors in the region. Meaning that if someone searches Logisco’s platform, there’s a very good chance they’ll find what they’re looking for. To convey this idea, a simple and effective tagline was created.

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Performance indicators outperformed across all criteria

The campaign played a pivotal role in significantly boosting website visits, almost doubling them compared to the previous year. On Facebook, the video received an impressive number of completed views, and on YouTube, the click-through rate nearly doubled compared to 2019. This positive data confirms that the offensive strengthened the natural association between Logisco and housing searches.